Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Lcdo. Oscar Acarón

Everyone produces an idea of how to save the world, instead of looking at how to save themselves.

Lack of values and respect is the problem?

If it was so simple and easy the solution to the former equation, a few thousand years back the problem should had been solved. The world as we know it historically, began six thousand years back with the Sumerian Civilization. Obviously that’s not consistent with the history of the Earth, as we can analyze scientifically and anthropologically ; we know it is a lot older.

However, religions, that we lately disregard, all make expression that from the beginning there was good and evil... And as it have always been, that, throughout the history of mankind, has not changed. Why comes then, that we think that killing and evil will end, with ideas based on doing nothing, ideas based on abstention?

First of all, erase from your head that evil will disappear. That has not happened in all the long history of mankind. Second, get into your head, that when evil comes to your door, there’s only two options, defend yourself or die. Or even worse, you will have to live with the reality that one of your loved ones was killed in your face and you did nothing, knowing beforehand that you could be prepared for, in case Murphy's Law will catch up.

You can live your own dream that you have nothing to be worried about. But when reality strikes down, evil is going to land on your face, and the next thing you are going to feel is the drool from the Angel of Death wetting your skin, or worse yet, on the body of a loved one that you did not defend.
The lessons, and the empirical evidence is everywhere, but you ignored it because you preferred hearing those false prophets that we now call politicians, who have sold you the cheap fallacy that if there were no weapons, deaths and massacres will end. That could be fine if the devil became good, or as ignorant as you, so that at least, we could win the battle against him, but remember, that when God created “Luci”, gave him all the knowledge of the universe...

That the devil is smarter than anyone because he is old, is false (although time definitely gives him an edge), he knows a lot more than you because he's the devil, for all the knowledge that was given to him, before you were not even referred to as a soul.

Today, it looks as a great idea, for some people, to ban all those mislabeled "assault rifles". It seems to be that this is the best solution for ending massacres, like the one at Sandy Hook. But, what makes you think that the wicked will not go for them, just to hold their advantage against you?

Tomorrow, we are going to prohibit “sporting” rifles, shotguns will come next, later the pistols, revolvers and then we will follow up until we get to the knives, forks and spoons... Then, we will go to the very beginnings, we will forbid the donkey jaw... To at last realize, that hands were what we should prohibit in first place.

That’s the time when one of our “smart” politicians will jump up and say: "How comes I didn’t think of it before? We will cut both hands of everybody, except mine of course." Politicians are always excluded in advance of any legislative action. It is the same for President Obama. He has, for his own protection, up to GE Mini Guns, although in Sandy Hook all guns were forbidden. Remember, it was a Gun Free Zone. There was not even a stone thrower in there. Holly God, how can we support so much ignorance!

The day after the hands of all people were cut off, the news media exposed another slaughter: Politicians forgot that people have wicked teeth and a crazed guy bit out the carotids of thirty people that were traveling with him in the same train car...

Tomorrow, the devil will hang up his gloves and will publish his proclamation of surrender in his evil ways after the glorified assault rifle ban becomes enacted… Yes , you can be sure he will… Aha….

Until the day comes that the devil becomes good, long live the Second Amendment, because I want to be able to defend my people, my good people, and myself. And in the mean time, maybe I can save the lives of a few anti-gunners, in the hope that some oxygen reach their brains before evil finally reach them, and learn, that the true way to cope with evil, is defending yourself... Molon Labe.


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